Oct 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!!!

Well its just as I predicted... sitting at home, cold, and doing math homework... *sigh* Well the party is in... 2 days... Yep... had to help my mom set the tables in the living room and stuff. Im so bored... never knew Halloween would be the same every year from last year on... I'm always having reruns of my life. How fun.

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Oct 30, 2003

I cant believe that I have an A in P.E.!! That is so darn amazing... also, I made it through cello lessons!! I've been so lucky lately... Oh oh~ and tomorrow is a shortened day~!!! ^^ Sugoi~ I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a nice day! Even though its getting really really really really cold! I drew a nice, nice, picture of Kaiba x Anzu~~~ So cool! XD

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Oct 28, 2003

Wednesday tomorrow... the run day for PE.... my god... I'll be sweating so much! I hope we don't have to run so fast... *sigh* So scary... Tomorrow is advisory also. So... yayyyy and nooooo!!

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Oct 26, 2003

Today is Sunday! Almost 1 AM. Wow... time does pass when youre not thinking about it... I wonder what I'm going to do today. Probably stay at home, clean the house, go on the computer as usual. I went to a wedding thing not a long while ago. It was pretty boring, but Im still pretty full from that food! Lots of parties going on... gonna be a party at our house next week! It's gonna be crazy... cousins running around and all... yep. I'll edit this post later!

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Oct 24, 2003

Yeah, I sorta got carried away yesterday there. Well people were going retarded. Anyways, today was an okay day. I think I'll miss my english teacher since today was her last day. Now we'll have to have substitutes... and then the new teacher. P.E. was crazy! People were cheating like soccer was Rugby so I kept yelling "Tackle him!!" Until the substitute teacher came and put them out of the game... Then the whole game died... It sucked.

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Oct 23, 2003

I AM SORRY, FOLKS!!! PEOPLE HAVE BEEN FUCKING RETARDS TODAY!!! I'M GONNA START NAMING NAMES HERE SOON, SO STOP BEING RETARDED!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU TWO BITCHES ARE!!! FUCKING IGNORING ME AND SHIT. THINK YOURE TOO GOOD FOR THE GREATEST CELLIST ON EARTH, HUH?! WELL YOU DON'T GOT SKILLS LIKE ME YOU DEAF MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAPISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOT MY GOOD OL' FRIEND IN TROUBLE!! THANKS TO YOU TWO FUCKERS!!!! GOD DAMN!!!!! (I'm usually against cussing, but today is special) Cello lessons today... I'm gonna do horrible and get lectured at.................. My english teacher is leaving tomorrow... I... better remember to buy candy for the class party tomorrow... *sigh*

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Oct 22, 2003

Ack... so tired... from running so much... I drank so much water! No wonder someone that I knew took naps after school... yup... gotta get off my butt and do some stuff. Like... finish my stupid essays... I better get to it! Nothing much to do, so yeah.

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Oct 21, 2003

Lets see... what to put... oh yeah. All I can remember today is being taunted in P.E. while playing soccer. Just because people on our team refuses to participate doesn't necessarily make me a lame player. They taunted me... (some kids I knew that I forgot their names) Yes, it wasn't very plesant and they were bending the rules... I challenged one of them to a duel! It'll be easy... I think. Well, nonetheless I will not lose. OH AND I WON THE GRAND PRIZE AT SCIENCE TODAY!!! YES!!!! IT WAS A PEPPERMINT CANDY!!! Yeah, that was cool. I really wanted that grand prize. Ahahahaha. Lets see... I guess thats all.


A thingy...

name: Kimberly
nickname: Kim
loc: USA
sex: Female
age: 14
hob: Playing music! Slacking off, Singing, looking at pretty people or things.
dob: January 26 1989
eyes: plain ol' brown
hair: Black
type: I don't know...
occ: A part time student and slacker


are you in love: YES!! I AM
do you have a bf/gf: Yes.
who: Mike! Hes so cool!
when did u start goin out: August 30th

[status - right now]

wearing: shirt, pants, and underclothes.
eating: Nope
talking to: my best friend
phone with: No one
time: 11:16 PM
date: October 21 2003
drinking: nothing
listening to: Glay - Pure Soul
in: my room

I see - the computer screen.
I find - candy in my drawer.
I want - to hold his hand again.
I have - nothing.
I wish - I could be unbrain dead.
I hate - zucchinis...
I miss - leaning on him *sigh*.
I fear - the ghost in my house.
I feel - unsanitary.
I hear - Kotani Kinya and my mom taking a shower.
I smell - nothing.
I crave - ice cream!
I search - for my lost things.
I wonder - if i'm going to make it tomorrow.
I regret - nothing.
I love - my best friend.
I long - for this week to be over.
I am - a crazy insane person.
I care - about my best friend.
I always - am strange
I am not - retarded or fat.
I believe - in myself.
I have faith - in my cello.
I cringe - when I let people down.
I sing - every minute of every day.
I cry - when I'm too tired to go on.
I learn - from people, and from my mistakes.
I don't always - act nice.
I succeed - whenever I try hard.
I fail - when I can't try hard enough.
I fight - if it is necessary.
I write - when I have a thought.
I give - help to people.
I win - sometimes.
I never - will do things that i dislike.
I confuse - many people.
I listen - to anyone and everyone.

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Oct 20, 2003

Wow this thing is neat... I LIKE IT BETTER THAN MY B2 LOG!!!! YES!!!!! This will be... A MORE EXPLICIT THING WHERE I CAN CUSS ALL I WANT!!! LIKE XANGA EXEPT 1,000,000,000 TIMES BETTER!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Okay... I think im done.

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Hello and my name is Kim!! I am a 14 year old girl who resides in California. My birthday is on January 26th, 1989, so bring me pretty presents! A strange girl and can be shy or very hyper at times, including insane. Resides in California. Blood type A... Nice, quiet, and may be mean. Wants to be a cellist when she grows up. Is worth $1,970,368.00. I like music (especially classical music and jrock), anime, food, drawing, reading manga, and all kinds of other things. Currently taken Helps people in need of advice. She slacks off and spends her time unwisely from time to time.

ps2 games
music books
Yu-Gi-Oh stuff
a new cello

11/2/03: Party at my house for relatives and their friends (oh goodie...)
11/3/03: New school schedule starts
11/3/03: Book project and assignments due
11/10/03: Essay Due/No school
11/26/03 - 11/29/03: Thanksgiving Holiday
12/20/03 - 1/4/04: Winter Holiday/Christmas
1/16/04: Half Day Review
1/19/04: No school
1/20/04 - 1/23/04: Half Day Finals
1/26/04: My Birthday

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